Our passion for optics and vintage frames started in the 70’s. It was back then that we started collecting interesting and rare glasses. My passion has always been growing and developing over the past 40 years. Hundreds even thousands of interesting models were stored in suitcases in my attic, until one day I woke up and realised I couldn’t keep my entire collection. There was simply no more space.  From that moment on I decided I wanted my own store, so I could share my collection with a new generation of people.

I started opening my suitcases where I had stored them carefully for the past 30 to 40 years. Mireculousely most of the frames are on trend now. Apparently great taste and quality doesn’t go out of style!! It was like time stood still, not to mention the perfect unworn condition these frames are in.

When I compare these frames with modern frames I can see a big difference in quality of the lenses and material. Back in the days glasses were designed to last for a while, if not a decade or so. This is not the case today anymore. Instead of buying newly manufactured frames or even recycled frames why not try a pair of new old stock optical frames? They are made to last at last ages and will not go out of style! Not to mention the quality, uniqueness and nostalgic feeling you get when wearing a pair!

We are waiting for you at the store 🙂